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Do Test Sponsors Have an Obligation to Prevent the Next Big Cheating Scandal?

Speaker: Marc Weinstein, Marc J. Weinstein PLLC; Jennifer Ancona, Semko Baker & McKenzie LLP; Lorin Mueller, Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy; James Wollack, University of Wisconsin - Madison

In a rapidly changing economy, students with in-demand, transportable skills -- including problem solving, critical and creative thinking, collaboration, communication, and ethical reasoning -- are most likely to thrive throughout their education and careers. But until now, high school tests have not provided employers or institutions of higher education information necessary to confirm graduates’ competencies in these areas. Using the PLTW experience, Vince will illustrate these concepts and how PLTW delivers the promise of an assessment measuring both subject matter knowledge as well as transportable skills that are in demand to broader the testing industry.

AI: The Future is Now -- Why We Should (Not) Be Concerned

Speaker: Ben Taylor,; Robert Gibby, IBM; John Weiner, PSI

The application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in daily life has increased dramatically over the past several years. Some would argue that we are approaching a “tipping point,” while others would say that we've passed that point and have entered a “4th industrial age” that is reshaping our societal fabric. Most experts agree that the potential for change and disruption is immense, including the design, delivery, and use of assessment. However, the impact of these changes is less clear and raises many questions that are subject to alternative viewpoints. Experts representing an AI start-up, one of the world’s largest technology and AI companies, and a leading global assessment services company will draw from their real-world experience and expertise to discuss and debate AI applications and issues that are transforming the world of assessment.

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