2018 Innovation Lab Participants

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We are excited to announce our 2018 Innovation Lab Participants!

Matthew Barney, Founder & CEO


LeaderAmp is a mobile platform for computer-adaptive testing, and expert coaching augmented by three types of Artificial Intelligence.

Brian Moon, President

Sero! Learning Assessments, Inc.

Sero! is a cloud-based software that implements Concept Map-based knowledge assessment. Sero! supports formative and summative assessment, in classroom and large-scale assessments, on desktop computers.

Jeffrey Cuff, COO

MZ Development

MZ Development (MZ Dev) has developed an online scoring and reporting platform called OSCAR (www.oscarscore.com). OSCAR is a state-of-the-art, next-generation system for online scoring and reporting and boasts a strong set of features and functionality to accommodate a variety of performance scoring requirements for open-ended item types, while still achieving the primary goal of providing accurate, simple, affordable solutions to educators.

Werner Biegler, CEO & Co-Founder

Varafy Corporation

Varafy's Free-Body Diagram Assessment application (patent pending) is a novel invention that is the manifestation of advances in computing sciences, namely artificial intelligence and image analysis. These technologies and other developments makes Varafy's FBD assessment application a robust assessment application which can correctly assess both simple and complex student submitted FBD images.

Douglas B Stein, CTO


We enable test and content and tool developers to instrument their items and tools so they emit process data. We provide the global-scale platform to ingest the process data and APIs to define rubrics, create scoring models, and generate real-time scoring.

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