Program Overview

In 2021, the Innovations in Testing conference will be virtual, building upon what we learned in 2020, attendees can look forward to increased engagement through:

  • New networking opportunities,
  • Session formats that encourage audience interaction,
  • A wide array of Peas in a Pod Discussion topics to allow for more attendee-based discussions,
  • More live sessions with Q&A from the audience, and
  • Additional opportunities to interact with and discuss relevant topics with your colleagues and industry experts.

Join global assessment and measurement experts to:

  • Learn how to leverage the innovation in our industry to help improve testing outcomes;
  • Discuss the value and purpose of assessment with thought leaders from the education, credentialing, clinical, and industrial/organizational markets;
  • Discover how new technology and innovative solutions can help address issues of fairness and equity for test-takers;
  • And finally, see how organizations across the testing industry are finding new ways to provide stakeholder value and create assessments for a better world.

Discussion Topics for Everyone

The Innovations in Testing Conference is your only opportunity to learn about issues at the forefront of the assessment industry. The following topics will be addressed throughout the conference program:

  • EdTech
    • Cognitive-, social-, and cultural-psychological methods and practices for teaching and learning, as facilitated by technology
  • Trending or Disruptive Technologies
    • Emerging and novel technologies or new uses for existing technologies that have practical applications for the industry, including innovative approaches and technologies such as artificial intelligence
  • Program Design
    • Purpose, roles of stakeholders, governance policies, content security, and the best practices for programs
  • Security, Legal, and Policy Considerations
    • Ethics, legislation, regulation, guidance, standards, and policies that govern the industry; considerations for security and privacy issues including methods and practices for fraud prevention, detection, and enforcement
  • Measurement Science
    • Methods and practices for developing valid, reliable, and fair measures; innovative and novel approaches and methods; and artificial intelligence impacts
  • Data Management, Stewardship, and Reporting
    • Includes all aspects of collecting, transmitting, processing, storing, analyzing, reporting, and securing data
  • Business Strategy and Operations
    • Focuses on the business of testing, branding, marketing, customer development, digital transformation, and communications
  • Test Administration and Delivery
    • Test delivery methods, standards, and best practices
  • Equity, Accessibility, and Diversity
    • Methods and practices for ensuring fairness, accessibility, and accommodations for diverse stakeholders

The 2021 conference offers every attendee, whether you are new to the conference or an industry veteran, a valuable and inspiring experience.


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