Innovations in Testing is famous for providing a multitude of session formats, covering topics from across the industry. We’re doing it again…the below session types will all be offered for in-person attendees, with most also being offered to our virtual delegates. (  - In-Person  |   - Virtual)

Panel Discussion

A panel discussion is a 50-minute discussion that is between speakers to discuss one or more session topics, provide feedback on those topics, and brainstorm solutions that may be needed for those topics. This session type will be offered in-person and virtually.


A presentation is a 50-minute lecture that provides a rounded perspective on a topic(s). These presentations include PowerPoint presentations with one to three speakers. This session type will be offered in-person and virtually.

Innovation Debate

A fast-paced, 70-minute session, speakers will present diverging perspectives on a hot topic in the assessment industry. Each Innovation Debate will include a resolution on a topic and briefly identify each side of the topic to be discussed. These presenters do not need to concur with the view they are presenting but will prepare a well-rounded presentation of various perspectives for each side. This session type will be offered in-person and virtually.


A Workshop is 70 minutes where participants learn and interact through structured group exercises/participation. Workshops cover a variety of Session Topics. Workshops will be offered in-person only.

Peas in a Pod Discussion

Peas in a Pod Discussions are informal 50-minute conversations with fellow conference goers who share common interests. Pods do not include presentations. There are no projectors or slides. This is all about direct engagement and exploration of ideas. This session type will be offered in-person and virtually.

Innovation Demonstration

An Innovation Demonstration is a computer-based demonstration or presentation showcasing the latest technologies, products, services, or solutions in the testing industry. A Product Demonstration should last approximately 10 minutes and repeat throughout an allotted time-frame. Innovation Demonstration will be offered in-person only.

ePoster Session

An electronic presentation/demonstration that is displayed on a large monitor and features content consistent with the theme of "Innovations in Testing." A poster session typically lasts about 6 minutes and continually repeats throughout the time allotted. ePoster sessions will be offered in-person only.


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